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•The cap 3, is constructed as double layered, that is, it has two shells, where air flow from the chimney 2, after passing suction pipe 49, enters in side of the air gap 40 which is the space between this layers 38 and/or39, and inner layer 41, where outer layer 38 is transparent with the pattern with tiny holes 45, and outer layer 39 with pattern without tiny holes, and inner layer 41 has thermo accumulating properties. The air from the air gap 40, between the layers 38 and/or 39 and the layer 41, is released out by the suction of low pressure ------, through tiny holes 45, of the layer 38 and additional openings 43. Lowered pressure --------, around the cap 3, is transferred to the outlet of the chimney 2, in order to increase the suction power of the chimney 2 (adding more draft to it).

•Draft (suction power) is in the function of the temperature, and rise linearly with height of the chimney 2, and flow of the gasses rise according to square root from the height of the chimney 2 (height above one that is necessary to obtain in order to overcome the resistance of the corresponding plant).

•Besides that, amount of produced energy will correlate with surface area covered by the collector 1, its shape, and of the way it is adapted to the local ground where it stands on, as well as, of the ability of the roofs 20 to swivel according to wind blow and collect even more wind. Beside the collector 1 pulling power of the solar windmill will correlate with size and volume of the cap 3, from its ability to swivel according to the wind direction, its aerodynamic profile, of the layers transparent patterns (patterns 38 and 39), and of thermo accumulating layer, and many other characteristics.

•With this construction, made this way, the inventors basic idea to use the Suns or/and the winds energy in order to obtain the electric energy, is accomplished. 

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