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•Solar windmill most often works in the combined regime, powered from both energy sources (wind and the Sun energy source), where sensors 17 for air flow and pressure feeds the central processing unit (not numbered in the blueprint drawings), with the data, which then regulate the level of inclination of the electromagnetic valves 16, while regulation of the roof planes 20 inclination angle, according the wind w speed and direction, as well is being regulated with the same central processing unit (not numbered in the blueprint drawings) which are positioned somewhere within the collector 1, of the solar windmill.

•When the solar windmill work as a pump, it is necessary to obtain the movement of the cap 3, positioned on the chimney 2 with telescopic extensions 33 and 34, between two positions: lower and higher. Raising the cap to the higher position is accomplished via Helium balloons 48, which are filed from pressure bottles 53 with Helium under vast pressure. The cap 3, with the balloons 48 filed with Helium is than moving up, carrying with it the extensions 33 and/or 34, or more of them if there’s more of them and with all of them gets to upper position. In this regime of work (like a pump), the valve 42, is shut all the time.

•When the cap 3, moves to upper position, valves 16 and end valve 19 are opened, and valves 30 (minimum four of them or more), on angled pipes 28, are closed as well as valve 8, which then stands in upper position (8-I), so the air from sectors 19, flows up towards the rotor 27, moves wind turbine rotor 27 and does useful work, and then that air passes through chimney 2.

•When the cap 3, is moving to lower position, compressor 50, compress Helium from balloons 48 with Helium, back to the bottles 53 under high pressure, while valves 16 and valve 29 are closed, while valves 30 (minimum four or more) are opened, on angled pipes 28, and the valve 8, which than takes lower position (8-II), so the air can flow through free space for the elevator 9, and then through underground pipes 6 and enters the lower part 5, of the collector 1. In that part, the air is heated once more because of the stored heat in thermo accumulating slopes 7 and walls 21, and in pipes 6, and then moves up again, while cycle is repeating all over again between this two positions of the cap 3, until stored heat is completely used.

•If on some height of the chimney 2, which is reached with its extensions 33 and 34, and the cap 3, exists enough energy of wind or/and of the Sun, then working regime of the solar windmill will accommodate that dominant energy source, and pumping regime will then be stopped.

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