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•This invention belongs to the energetic domain and especially to production of electric energy from renewable sources, from wind and  solar energy, transformed to thermal movement of the air which propels production of electrical energy, and this is the basic purpose for the solar windmills. Places where installation of those devices will bring biggest contribution are mountain tops and gorges, cliffs and coastal areas, islands, places where a lot of wind is expected for propulsion of wind-generator, but also all other places with extensive solar radiation or with a large number of sunny days like tropical areas, savannahs or desert areas are eligible.

•The chimney of the solar windmill (or more of them together) may serve as support (bearing pillar-because there is no rotor outside to interfere) for different transportation systems, for example a cable car, where they can be propelled by electricity produced on the spot, and then used to power different electric motors of this transporters apropos cable cars. Besides that when the cap is separated from rest of construction, it can be used as specific airship and fly around like any other dirigible, and in that case this invention is used for transportation purposes with its own source of energy for propulsion. With more of the solar windmills in the system distributed throughout an area with caps like this, it could even be assigned a permanent timetable. As a solar windmill is foreseen to stand by itself on mountains, hill tops, or islands then it is obvious that even most remote and isolated villages or other settlements, where bringing electric power to them is not economically viable, due to losses caused from the long distances. With this invention every distant mountain or island village will have its own electric energy produced on that spot, which will fulfil their daily needs for energy or for transportation. Without that, but also even because of the permanent increase of electrical energy, partially because of the shortage of the fossil fuels, transport of electrical energy to these distant places isn’t economically viable, and because of that these places will suffer a lack of electric energy for their needs and development. On the other hand, those rural and unpolluted places are now more in focus, because of the healthy food that can be produced there in conditions of high altitude and isolation, plant diseases do not exist, so pesticides aren’t in use, therefore it is possible to produce organic food, or matical plantations, which is not possible for the lowland and a big scale modern agriculture

•If with cable cars and dirigible-caps, we can achieve more rapid communication with capital cities, or at least with main roads and highways, then life in mountain villages will become sustainable again, and settling abandoned villages will start again.

•Besides transportation of electrical energy, goods and people, with system of cable cars or/with caps – dirigibles, it would be possible to transport even water to remote places, and in case of forest fire incidents, special caps-dirigible can be used to extinguish forest fires from their flying height. Transportation system dirigible–cap and/or cable car together, and in symbiosis with solar windmill which energises them with electric energy, should ease communication and transport during winter months, when all other means of communication are blocked due to snowfall and snowdrift, but also as one additional alternative, and in the same time the shortest direction for people and goods from the base of the mountain to its top, or from one solar windmill to another solar windmill in form of a straight line, despite of roads which have curves and serpentines. Even the solar windmill itself would be some kind of a tourist attraction, which has touristic potential, and can be used as watchtower with a nice sight, or as a mountain residence or as a watchtower for foresters, for the forests’ conservation etc. And if we add technical detail that is typical for solar windmills with telescopic extensions, that the cap can be erected up to the significant heights of 1000-2000m (and even more) and when we add mountain height then we can draw the conclusion what touristic potential one such construction might have. And that further means that in the pedestal of such an object, we could incorporate all kind of Mountain homes, forester homes, commercial objects like hotels, or ski resorts, or even spa centres, and for sure for all these resorts the electrical energy would be made on spot, and surplus of electrical energy would be directed to distant villages, or at the end, to the electric distribution system… Ultimately the cap itself, which is a special kind of dirigible which can be separated from the rest of the system, while the rest of the system can operate with reduced power, provides new possibilities of economic exploitation for touristic purposes, as well as for transportation purposes, or for monitoring, fighting against forest fires, for the evacuation of people due some disasters, and for many other situations and purposes.

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