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Work Experience

Sep. 2016-

Sep. 2013

SETEC E&C – Beograd, Serbia

   Mapping engineer, line locating and leak detection

Mapping fittings and water network pipe lines in QGIS,discovered with line or metal detector. Flow and pressure measurements for hydraulic modeling and analysis of water losses. Handling with electronic equipment like: ultrasonic flow measuring devices, pressure loggers, downloading data and making reports. Finding water network failure and bursts by method: Localize, locate, pinpoint. Establishing DMA-s, and making best working practice and procedures for LD- team for field work with task to find water network failures and bursts, due to measuring analyses, and further work to continuous reduction of water losses. Training LD- teams from local PUC which participated in Program 5, to help and develop little and medium size PUC on territory of Republic Serbia under supervision of Serbian- German friendship and KfW– German development bank.

Sep. 2013-

Sep. 2009

   J.K.P. VODOVOD – Smederevo, Serbia

Engineer for water measurements, analysis and reduction ofwater network losses

In P.U.C. ‘’Vodovod’’ one of my tasks was introduction water meters with remote reading, routing readings and troubleshooting all discrepancies and malfunction due to remote reading with 2,4GHz i 868MHz transponders.Zoning of water distribution network, establishing DMA’s and SUB DMA’s, which was periodically checked with ultrasonic flow meter and pressure loggers, data analyses followed by operation plans for LD-team. Handling with diagnostic equipment for discovering bursts on water distribution network like, Geophone with ground and stick microphone, Correlator, Pressure loggers, Data loggers, Line and metal detectors. Measuring water flow with ultrasonic flow meter,data read out from devices and making operative planes together with PUC-technical department and PUC-maintenance to continuously reduce water losses in water distribution network.

Sep. 2009-

Jan. 2006

EROTEHNIKAD.O.O. – Smederevo, Serbia

   Private entrepreneur

Private retail store with technical equipment, electrical installation goods, fittings for water installations, and other mechanical devices for warehouses, working areas and offices, and other interiors. Merchandize procurement, price calculation, and acquisition. Consulting with clients about goods they desire, acquisition of special ordered goods, or giving service of designing, and drawing that goods, or installations in 3D programs, with MEP – modeling software. 3D – Designing in ArchiCAD.

Dec. 2005-

Jan. 1995

S.Z.G.R. FORMA - Smederevo, Serbia

Electrical/constructional technician, draftsman and driver

Measuring and drawing objects (for reconstruction) and their installations, in ArchiCAD software, 3D-MEP modeling, 3D- designing.Creating all necessary material specifications and working sheets, for installation works, construction, and interior work. Writing offers, for all kind of installation, construction or interior work, andinvoices in word. Field work with other projectworkers, and employees, procurement of goods necessary for installation, other technical assistance, and office work.


Archi CAD
Solid Works



Bachelor of Professional Studies, Mechanical Engineering - Požarvac, Serbia

Technician for electric engines, High School for Technical Science - Smederevo, Serbia

Executive Writing and Speaking

B-C-E driving licence categories 

Patent and Trademark Information Seminar

Additional Qualifications
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